The Simple Side of Complex

My gaming buddy, Ben, asked me what kind of doughnuts he should bring over for me to enjoy.  First note, he’s awesome for even thinking about bringing over treats for a game day gathering (even if I am not a huge sweets kind of guy). Second, this simple question led into an excellent realization about gaming for me in general.  I told him just a glazed doughnut would suffice.  He didn’t like this sort of answer, no chocolate, no fillings, and no sprinkles?  He gave me the analogy that was like eating a pizza with only cheese when you could go for a meat lover’s pizza.  I do agree with him.  I said that sometimes I enjoy my food simple and other occasions I enjoy being more lavish.

One of my favorite simple treats?  Vanilla ice cream, don’t mess with that simple wonder.

I do however enjoy my lavish pizzas with many meat toppings, so I elaborated.

It’s like gaming.  I love to dive into the complex statistics of the Final Fantasy games. Or if I compared a higher reload speed to more damage in Borderlands game, which is better?  I love the hunt for loot and finding the perfect AI to set my tone for action RPGS.  Having the options to customize, evolve, and inspect in-depth stats for game play, is beyond joyful.

Yet there are times when I want it simple, something to set my feelings in a new state.  A game that breathes simplicity is Journey – where it’s easy to dive into at its core and aesthetically pleasing with its music and art direction.  I enjoy the balance between the two types of games.  I need my stats as much as I need that straight forward enjoyment of beauty, serene, and fun.


“Well said.”

That’s the response my friend gave me after my spiel. This accumulates to; enjoy the game industry from every aspect that it has to offer.  You might find a hidden gem that usually isn’t your taste.



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