DC Comics: The Trinity Reborn – Issue #1

I didn’t know what to expect going into DC Universe Rebirth Trinity. Which is strange to say when you get some of the most powerful comic book characters together in the same issue – you would think there would be a lot of action. From first page to last – it unfolded far from what I imagined and that is fantastic.


I’m new to the DC comic scene for the most part. I’ve seen the films, the animated movies, read some Batman and kept up on some of the stories here and there. Seeing the trinity come together in this new iteration was special. It was more grounded and it was focused on the relationships.
Relationships are exactly what this whole issue is about. I wanted that more and more as I kept reading – seeing these heroes do simple things like talking at the dinner table or putting a kid to bed – it’s what I craved without realizing it.
This being my first foray into the Rebirth and New 52 for that matter – it comes with some complications. There is a plethora of continuity that happened prior that relates to this story. It took me out of the experience, but not enough to impede enjoyment. I mean how can I not enjoy it with Manapul’s elegant visuals? Seriously, this guy has the artist chops. Knowing he inked and wrote the story – sign me up for some more.

Cover art close up – the attention to detail is phenomenal

The story took a twist that I loved from the onset. It’s voiced by Lois Lane. Having her point of view infuses the premise of this issue further – this is about how the relationships correlate from one hero to the next or from one family member to another.
I hope Trinity Rebirth is going to remain focused on the characters and not on big set pieces. I wouldn’t mind some action, but I like this character first approach that it’s launched with. The ending leads me to believe that we will get even more into the minds of the big three.
Until next time, here’s my favorite panel from issue #1.


The thoughts of Lois Lane and Bruce Wayne’s blunt reaction in juxtaposition is chuckle worthy.


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